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For the past two years, I have been experiencing sciatica  from my lower back and down across to my groin and leg. I would stay awake most nights and it was physically and mentally draining. After an MRI and other imaging, my doctor recommended surgery.  I decided to try CBD as a last-ditch effort. Within 2 weeks of taking MONALISA CBD 1500 mg,  2 times a day, my sciatica completely disappeared.
Charles K.

VP of Marketing

I am prefacing this by saying I am not BS’ing. No reason to – I am just stunned, so I have to let you know how amazing your product is!!   If you need to know if your Mona Lisa works on Inflammation put a huge check mark on that one! I have suffered from osteoarthritis in my right knee for approximately 15 years (due to losing a huge chunk of cartilage).  My doctors have given me prescriptions for topical creams to aid in inflammation, but none of them have ever worked on me. While my knee has crazy severe inflammation, my right foot has also been swollen. I was recommended to try your product by my sister as it might help me with pain or possibly inflammation.

 I started taking it at a strength of 1500 mg and no word of a lie, less than 2 days later I woke up amazed.  I can move my knee in ways I haven’t been able to in over a year. I’m actually dumbfounded for such a striking result!  I’ve probably said oh my god about 15 times to myself already this morning. Oh and yup my foot inflammation is almost GONE.  It’s been swollen for months!!

I was NOT expecting this.  Just thought I’d let you know and say THANK YOU for giving me so much hope on being able to have better mobility in my knee now.  Grateful for the amazing change in the range of motion my knee now has and assuming a great portion of the constant pain I always felt walking was likely due to all of the inflammation as there is hardly ANY PAIN when I walk!!   I know I will need to monitor how well this works into my daily life and will appreciate any suggestions for knowing if I need to change dose strengths to keep up this amazing result. Thank you Mona Lisa!!!!!

Heather Leigh, Age 40

Social Worker

MonaLisa CBD is the first thing I reach for when I wake up in the morning and I don’t know what I would do without it. I use it for anxiety, depression, and menstrual cramps, for both immediate relief and long term management. I choose Mona Lisa because is priced fairly, has no after taste, it works faster and is the highest quality CBD oil I’ve used. It’s heaven sent, truly.
Chelsea Owen-Turner, Age 27

Herbalist & Graphic / Web Designer

I started taking MonaLisa CBD for back pain and poor sleeping habits. Long hours working as a Tattoo Artist, constantly hunched over, created such a strain on my lower back. The relief I get from my 1500mg MonaLisa tincture at the end of a long day is life changing. And, my sleeping habits are getting back to normal. I even catch my Mom sneaking into my room to take it herself!
Jason S., Age 27

Tattoo Artist

I have been taking the MonaLisa 1500mg CBD tincture, half a dropper in the morning and half a dropper at night before bed, and am loving the results. I suffer from pretty severe anxiety and have tried several brands of cbd oils, and with this one- I can say I notice effects more quickly than any other brand I’ve tried. I notice more results in terms of calming my nerves and helping me feel more balanced. I’ve been having more peaceful sleeps as I stay consistent in taking the tincture. And a HUGE deal to me, it does not have a strong taste! It dissolves right under your tongue and leaves no aftertaste. Loving it.
Alex McKenzie, Age 24

Holistic Nutritionist

Taking Mona Lisa CBD for just a couple weeks, it has alleviated a lot of my stress and anxiety. I’m much more relaxed and able to focus.
J. Allen, Age 47

Musician / Studio Engineer

I finally had a full nights uninterupted sleep after using your tincture for the past few days! I used half a dropper of the 1500mg once in the morning and once in the evening and I slept like a baby! I normally wake up between 3 to 5 times a night and alot of tossing and turning and as a result feel so tired and low energy during the day, but the last few days have been amazing. I finally slept soundly! The other thing I have noticed is having less to no anxiety this whole week! My kids and husband have also noticed the difference in my moods. I will be definitely sharing Mona Lisa with others. Thank you!

F. Fanning, Age 46

CBD has helped me with my anxiety and my sleeping patterns.  From dealing with diabetes to degenerative disk disease, Mona Lisa CBD helps me manage not only my mind but the pain in my body as well. I would not be able to get out of bed without it.
Nicoletta DiDonato, Age 74


Using CBD for my pre and post workouts, have made a world of a difference in my consistant training regimen and especially recovery.  I researched pretty extensively before taking CBD and I also wanted to find and use a premium brand as I had heard that there were many brands on the market that were synthetic or came from unreliable producers with no independant lab testing. Many CBD products come from unregulated markets such as China or India. I sourced out MonaLisa Healing from a fellow athlete competing at the Granite Games Championship this past spring, who highly recommended it. I love that MonaLisa is sourced locally, and they have independant lab testing and post their results on their website. I highly recommend this brand to any regular or high performing athlete.

A.P Age 36

Crossfit Coach

My senior dog was starting to lose mobility in his back legs and hips but after starting him on CBD we’ve already noticed an extra spring in his step. It seems as though there’s less pain for him since he’s willing to walk a dor longer stretches again, willing to run and play in doses, and is having an easier time going up and down the front/back steps and jumping on the couch without assistance. I would certainly recommend this product to any pet owner looking to try an alternative option other than just what vets will recommend. After seeing the progress being made in a short amount of time with my dog, I will continue using it with him  and monitor his results.
Thanks MonaLisaHealing!
Matt M.

Owner , Pet to Pal Dog Training