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Pet Dosages


Our beloved cats, dogs, horses, have an Endocannabinnoid system,  just like us, so they can experience a variety of health benefits from cannabinoids like CBD!

When beginning CBD regimen for your pet, it is advised to start with the lowest indicated measurement and closely monitor your pet’s progress. To achieve optimum health, iis also recommended to keep a consistent schedule for at least two to three weeks. If, after this time period, you do not see desired results, then gradually increase.   Some see results within days and others gradually over the weeks. Consistency is the key. 

We recommend the MonaLisa Healing 750mg tincture for Pets.

Our CBD tinctures use pure simple ingredients- Premium hemp-derived CBD and easily digestible MCT oil.

No grapeseed oil or other ingredients that can upset their tummy.  

Dosages: MonaLisa Healing 750mg in 30ml bottle

A maximum dosage of 2.4 DROPS per 1lb of your Pet’s weight.

Using the table below you can calculate the number of drops in quarter/half/three-quarter and full droppers;


1 drop = 0.06225mg of CBD

Quarter dropper / 0.25ml or 10 drops = 6.26mg of CBD

Half dropper / 0.5ml or 20 drops = 12.52mg of CBD

Three quarters dropper / 0.75ml or 30 drops = 18.79mg of CBD

Full dropper / 1.0ml or 40 drops = 25.05mg of CBD


Bottle Contains About: 990 DROPS
Concentration of Your CBD Bottle is: 25.00 mg/mL
Concentration is: 2.6% CBD