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     It’s been a little difficult to get to this blog post for the last few days, as all I’ve been doing is sleeping! Zzzzzz. In all seriousness, CBD oil for sleep completely rearranged my life after an era of sleeplessness. Over the last decade, we have definitely seen an increase in implementing alternative medicine when it comes to treating sleep disorders. We have our standard melatonin, tons of magnesium filled powders, lavender on the pillow, Himalayan salt lamps, guided meditations, and crystals. As we’re moving into the next decade, we have CBD oil for sleep, CBD oil for insomnia. It’s remarkable.


      Many of us find it hard to turn our minds off after a long day, with a lifetime of experiences and responsibilities that are still on our minds. We can find ourselves ruminating over this and that, occupying our time for rest – with worry. Don’t you find it funny that our infant years were spent sleeping, some say between 12-14 hours a day. Then as we grow up, and grow into adults, and who we are meant to become, life hands us our deck of cards and the game is in our own hands. With growing up comes aging. And as most of us might agree, sleeping habits become harder to induce.  

      Sleeping is one of the things our body relies on to keep it functioning and working in full force with coherence and unison. This goes hand in hand with food and water. Lack of sleep creates an unfocused mind, which creates difficulty in concentration, delaying response time to real time. Depriving the body and mind of sleep inhibits the brain from being able to form, or maintain, the pathways that are crucial to the development of how we understand information and learn. Hemp oil for sleep can improve how comprehensive we are.

      CBD oil for sleep can induce the ability to relax the mind and allow the body to heal through our own personal Endocannabinoid System. Clinical research states, “CBD may hold promise for REM sleep behavior disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness, while nabilone may reduce nightmares associated with PTSD and may improve sleep among patients with chronic pain. 


      CBD oil can definitely be an alternative to help re-induce our REM sleep and lead our minds and bodies to deeper more restful sleeps, I do believe it is important to consider all the possible causes of our sleepless nights. Some sleep specialists say that insomnia can be caused by some of the following:

  •  Mental health disorders, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression
  •  Medication, which can disturb your sleep-wake cycle
  • Physical conditions, such as chronic pain and restless leg syndrom
  • Caffeine, especially when consumed late
  • Environmental factors, such as loud noises or an uncomfortable bed

      Our brain expects sleep. Better yet, our minds demand sleep. The mind needs to shut down at the end of the night, just like a computer. If we don’t shut down our computers once and awhile, they function slower than they would if they got a fresh little restart. Now does Hemp CBD oil help for insomnia?  Well, from a personal perspective, oh yes. My nights have never been sounder, truly. Yes, we all have our one-off nights. But, there has definitely been a massive change in my sleeping patterns. I am going to bed earlier, waking up earlier – not having a problem falling asleep. CBD oil has also helped clear the cobwebs in the mind to help me during my meditation practices as well.