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Skin, how do you feel in your skin? Our skin holds us all together, in complete unison, tying us up like a neat, little package. Our faces, our hands, our bodies, all wrapped in skin. As they say, it’s important to love the skin you’re in. Multifaceted and multi-purpose, there are so many ways to care for our skin and we must remember that true beauty lies in the consciousness of our hearts. Skincare and anti-aging have broken on to the world stage on a large scale with an all-consuming, and overwhelming, bounty of products and choices at our fingertips. Recent studies, and sven science,  have shown that adding CBD oil supplements to your skin care, could boost and add many positive effects for skin health.  CBD oil for life, is the next decade introduction to whole health.

The Skin You’re In

If you didn’t already know, there are CB1 and CB2 receptors in our skin that benefit from interacting with CBD. These receptors easily bind to the molecule healing and helping reduce inflammation. Not only that but this create smoothing effects that aid in the effects of aging gracefully. CBD oils and skin care products have become an amazing, complementary addition to enhancing our skin care routines. CBD is known to contain anti-inflammatory benefits, when invested, but this also pertains when applied to the skin. This aids in making CBD oil a suitable ingredient for acne-prone skin. While its calming benefits help oversensitive skin look and feel healthier. Due to CBD’s antioxidant properties, it aids in neutralising free-radical damage and lessening the look of inflammation.

MCT Oil? What Is That?

When using a CBD oil for anti-aging and skin purposes, you have the ability to add it to an existing cream, or apply the MCT Oil concentration directly to the skin. What is MCT Oil? MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride, these are a chain of fatty acids found in foods like coconuts. MCT oil is a fantastic addition to any pre-existing skin care regimen. How can MCT oil enhance the look of your skin?Now, rising in popularity, MCT Oil is being used to help hydrate and enhance the appearance of -not only our skin, but our hair, lips and nails. MCT oil contains healthy fatty acids and is naturally rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties, just like CBD. MonaLisa Healing CBD contains those two simple key ingredients, giving your tincture a multitude of different purposes. CBD for life daily management and overall enhancement of whole health. Inside and out.